About NC House District 64

Rep. Steve Ross  www.rossfornchouse.com  Republican Candidate for NC House District 64 & Rep. Dennis Riddell Republican Candidate for NC House District 64 have been working together in Raleigh for Alamance County

Maps of Alamance County District 64 and District 63 can be seen using a .pdf reader.

The boundaries of NC House District 64 and District 63 have recently changed.  Every 10 years the boundaries of the NC House, NC Senate and US House districts each are "redistricted" to reflect current census population data.  This year it was up to the newly elected Republican majority in the NC House and Senate to draw the lines during redistricting.
Based on the 2010 census population count NC House Districts 63 & 64 will now each include a few different voting precincts within Alamance County.  This gives district 64 a total of 50.01% (totaling 75,581) of the counted population (totaling 151,131) all within the county of Alamance.

The district plan for the North Carolina House of Representatives (Lewis-Dollar-Dockham 3, as amended) was enacted as Session Law 2011-404 on July 28th, 2011.

How does this affect the voters of Alamance County?
For the 2012 election, the following precincts are in District 64:  

              Patterson - vote at Sylvan Elementary School, 7718 Sylvan Rd. Snow Camp

              Coble - vote at Alamance Civitan Club House, 3328 Dr. Pickett Rd. Burlington

              Albright - vote at Mt. Hermon Community Center, 3735 Bass Mtn. Rd. Graham

              South Newlin - vote at Chatham Friends Meeting, 4507 Greenhill Rd. Snow Camp

              North Newlin - vote at Eli Whitney Recreation Center, 4110 E. G'boro-Chapel Hill Rd. Graham

              North Boone 2 - vote at Twin Lakes Center - The Chapel, 3801 Wade Coble Dr. Burlington

              West Boone - vote at Church of God, 1101 Joyner St. Gibsonville

              North Boone - vote at First Baptist Church of Elon, 621 E. Haggard Ave. Elon

              South Boone - vote at Smith Elementary School, 2235 Delaney Dr. Elon

              Boone 5 - vote at People's Memorial Christian Church, 247 North NC Hwy 87, Burlington

              Morton - vote at A-O Community Center, 3211 Osceola Rd. Elon

              Faucette - vote at Lakeview Community Church, 101 Boone Rd. Burlington

              Burlington 7 - vote at Elmira Community Center, 435 Tillman St. Burlington

              North Burlington - vote at Mayco Bigelow Center, 849 Sharpe Rd. Burlington

              East Burlington - vote at Fairchild Community Center, 827 S. Graham-Hopedale Rd. Burlington

              South Burlington - vote at New Birth Baptist Church, 424 S. Flanner St. Burlington

              Burlington 8 - vote at Kernodle Senior Activities Center, 1535 S. Mebane St. Burlington

             Precincts divided between districts 63 & 64

               Graham 3 - vote at Andrews Elementary School, 2630 Buckingham Rd. Burlington

            Central Boone - vote at Holly Hill Baptist, 2818 Edgewood Ave. Burlington

              West Graham - vote at Newlin Elementary School, 316 Carden St. Burlington

All other Alamance County Precincts are in District 63. The Republican candidate for District 63 is, my friend, Burlington City Councilman Steve Ross. If you live in District 63 please visit Steve's website at www.rossfornchouse.com  

Still not sure about the current standing of your precinct?  The NC General Assembly can answer that question for you.

Simply follow this link to the Zip Code Lookup for your legislators.